My snaps : Axis

Hi guys, Whats up? In 2012 huh!
Again back with my photographs, AXIS…..(an imaginary/real straight line goes through/ dived the object)
I’m pretty interest in these kinda photographs ‘cos something to do your experiments 🙂

1. Train:
clicked @ fort station, personally I do love the colour blend of blue & red.

2. Lecture note:
It’s hard to remember what the module it was :p may be URBAN & RURAL FINANCE?
leave it alone, I pretty happy about my handwriting 😉
3.  New Oddamavadi bridge:
No intention to click this snap, just clicked, but it worked 😀 ( actually Krishan was riding mo-bike & I was @ back seat) And about this bridge… constructed after Tsunami, an alternative choice for the bridge which was constructed by British, but both are in use now!
4. Iranaimadu Water Tank:
Apart from axis I love the details of water level  in here!
5. Electrical posts:
A cloudy day at Neelavanai, Batticaloa help me for this snap 😉
6. Flag post:
To be honestly, I can’t find any thing called AXIS in this photograph, but come with this flow….seems flag post disappear in the middle.
hope you guys like these stuff, see ya around 🙂
– Dave
P.S : Click on images to get enlarged view.

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