Hi, just only I got the time to finish “Alchemist”, So, what can I say about that book?
When I make some noise, I know that sounds silly!
Thousands of reviews are available in net, so I’m not gonna give a review….but I just try to give an idea to the guys, who doesn’t know about this book !
If you are the person who try to pursuit alone,
like to travel alone,
always put a headset in to your ears
and feel your best at alone, probably,it’s the novel for you!
For others………. it’s a good novel for self motivation !
Alchemist, The tittle sounds like some thing chemistry, but  the book speaks about the story of a boy called SANTIAGO in his teens, and his travel….from Paddy lands of Spain to Pyramids of Egypt…I can simply say like this!
But, It’s not really about just travel, It speaks about the universe, how to archive your dreams…..and more! Again and again…..
It speaks some thing related to your heart….for me it’s really a kinda self motivation novel!
Some quotes:
 “It was the pure language of the World. It required no explanation, just as the universe need none as it travels through endless time. What the boy felt at that moment was that he was in the presence of the only women in his life, and that, with no need for words, she recognized the same thing. He was more certain of it than anything in the world.”
“Don’t think about what you’ve left behind.”
Every search begins with beginner’s luck and ends with the victor’s being severely tested.”

“Life might be listening”
“Your eyes show the strength of your soul”
“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”
If you have time to spend, try this novel I’m pretty sure you’ll feel your destiny end of the story! 
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