Happy New Year

Hi guys,

It’s been four months since my last post, I could say was busy, cos number of happenings in these months! University life is over, gotta job, moved to a new place, and hang up with my part-time jobs + photography. But to be honest, I wasn’t interested on posting something here, I WAS LAZY!
Hopefully I can continue blogging with this year (#New year resolution)
Yes, I do survived 21st Dec 2012! It’s bit late but I feel it’s better to say,
‘Happy New Year Guys!’



In the memory of Rumedha Paranawithana

A self portrait by himself

It’s been two years since we lost Rumeha ayya after his battle against cancer. Exactly the same date two years ago I got a call from Chathura saing that we lost him, still difficult to bare the truth that we lost Rumedha ayya.
Like many of us, I met him at my first day of University as a senior. In the hard times of rag periods also he never act as a senior, always wore a smile on his face. After diagnosed to leukaemia, he stop coming to university for treatment, and joined with our batch. I though he got cured at least for a certain level, never thought we gonna miss him.

But who knows what’s coming for you? His condition got worst, and again he had to fight. At last I saw him in the hospital, I think he knew that he gonna leave us, but still I that movement I saw the same smile on his face. I can feel how it’s hurt to Hasitha & Chathura, my colleagues who were with him at his last minutes. But I feel ashamed for myself, the day before his lost, Krishan and other guys went to see him. I had to go to Wallawatta for some sorta work, So I refused to go with them to the hospital.

“Rumedha ayya asked about you; and his condition getting worst again”  Krishan said when return back to boarding house. I feel regretful for him had a guilty feel for myself, decided to go to the hospital ASAP. But in late night I got call from Chatura, All our hopes gone! He left us.
We love and miss you ayya. What a great human being.
Rest in peace, ayya.

Rumedha Paranawitharana June 18, 1986 – April 29, 2010