Hi guys,
Again back with the photographs, after a little gap. ‘cos I broke my camera couple of months ago. almost no photographs with in this period šŸ˜¦Ā  any how, that accident push me to buy a Digital SLR.

These photographs were taken around Colombo during the Vesak festival. Huh, for those non- Sri Lankans, click here to get to know about vesak.

All of these photographs were taken around Beira lakeĀ  & University of Moratuwa between 5th to 10th of may 2012.
And I have add 33 photographs here, So no detailed description for these images this time ( I feel lazy, LITERALLY)

See ya around šŸ™‚
– Dave

P.S : Click on images to get enlarged view.

My Snaps : Children

These photographs were taken around Northern & Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. I tried my best to take their natural doings.(Kind of Paparazzi :P) But that girl with the ice cream is the only exception, while capturing her, only thing I was interested is exposing her eyes.

Hope you like my clicks.
– Dave

How long it’s gonna take? (A girl from Kilinochchi)

Ā Ā 

Running Running Running?(A Kid from Kilinochci)

Huh, what are you going to do? (A kid from Navatkerni, Batticaloa)

A sister’s Care (Two kids from Mullaiththeevu)

Eyes tells some thing? ( A girl from Navatkerni, Batticaloa)

My Snaps : Sunset

Most of these photographs were taken, when I was in field for studies.(An advantage of being a student of Department of Town & Country Planning, University of Moratuwa.)
See ya around
– Dave

1. Branches
Place : Some where near to Sinna Oorani, Batticaloa
DateĀ  : 23rd of June 2011

2. Lord Budha
Place : Some where in Pollannaruwa (It’s hard to recall that place’s name)
DateĀ  : 11th of March 2011

3. Early sunset of the Island
Place : Some where in Kilinochchi (I think next to A9 highway)
DateĀ  : Can’t remember, but in 2011

4. Flowers through dead Branches
Place : Some where near to Navatkerni, Batticaloa
DateĀ  : 21st of June 2011

5. Coconut & Palmyra together
Place : Some where in Mullaitheevu beach
DateĀ  : Can’t remember, but in 2011