OpenStreetMap: Introduction

Hi, I’m back here with OpenStreeMap!

My previous post was about to give a brief idea of OpenStreetMap, And this is about how to use the tools. Here we go!

Basically there are 3 ways to edit a OpenStreetMap,

  1. ID (In Browser Editor)
  2. Potlatch(In Browser Editor)
  3. JOSM (Remote Control)


ID is a in browser editor, (you can make your edits while open up their site in a web browser) It’s very simple and straightforward. All you wanna do is just open their site by clicking here. It’ll ask you sign in, if you don’t have an account, please check here to how to get registered. Once you logged in, zoom the area you wanna update. (Of course navigation controls are same as ‘Google Maps’) Now click the triangle mark next to ‘Edit’ tab at the left top corner.

Edit 1

Done? Okay, probably you’ll get the list of 3 editors. Now choose it as ID. That’s all guys now your tutorial there for ID editor. Just go through it, as I said already it’s just simple and straightforward!

For the convenience, let’s have a brief look! There are just 3 tools available here.

  1. Point: Usually to point out specific places.
  2. Line: Mostly to draw roads
  3. Area: To draw buildings and other land/water areas.

Try to use these three tools at least once, then you’ll know how to handle the things easily. Maybe you’d your home and roads near by, it’s up to you guys; but don’t forget to select the point/ line/ area by just clicking it to get the options.

Edit 1

In here I select the circular shape to get the options

Once you discover the available options, it’s the time to move on. Let’s have a look at Presets! Presets means giving a value to an object by tagging with some keywords. Don’t get panic, let’s say you have draw a shape of a school and wanna point it out as a school over other buildings. For this case you can,

  1. Select the building
  2. At the right find ‘All tags’
  3. Click + mark to add presets
  4. Give these values: First column – amenity & Second column – school

Edit 2

That’s all value for the school has updated. But what about other facilities? Don’t be hurry, I have a separate post for ‘Presets’


Same rules as ID applies here. But tagging presets are way easy here than ID. But when it comes to ‘in browser editors’ I prefer ID over Potlatch.

I post this in a rush hour, hope will find some free time soon. Any how will post for ‘JOSM‘ soon. It’s way advanced than ‘in browser editors’ And very convenient for usage.

See ya around!

– Dave

Disclaimer: I gotta thank Viven & Jeff to introduce me OpenStreetMap and for the lessons & practical sessions!


Social Networks

Hi what’s up guys?

It’s not a post with something graphical stuff, just to update my social networks here. Digital Identity of the modern world 😉 And I use the word ‘I,Emo’ as my brand name/ alias from here.(have an idea to do something with that name, may be end up with an firm? let’s see, what’s life gives you )

Alright here we go: (Just click over the images)

And finally this blog

See ya around!
– Dave

How to Avoid auto updates of Dailymotion/ Yahoo to your facebook wall?

Hi guys, once again after a long time! This time with some technical stuff!
Some kinda FACEBOOK stuff!
These days you guys can see, somebody “watched a video” on your news feed or “read any article” from yahoo or other site.
Simple words, you may experienced a friend of your watch a porn video or some other forbidden thing.
Like this:

A latest entry by a friend of mine (a video)

A list of updates

a Yahoo article

Do you think they publish this with conscious? IT”S JUST HAPPENS! cos of these third party applications.

If you don’t click those video links, you are away from prestige destruction! (Who want to publish in fb that they are watching pornography?) Recently Dailymotion & Yahoo are the irritating sites which make this wave. But there are lot of site out there.(You can see in first picture, the site name is Zapkoik; never heard that name before!) Not only porn videos, what ever you read in yahoo articles or watch in daily motion or other unknown sites; kinda threat to your privacy.PRECAUTION: If you click any of these links, you get infected.
If you click this link you will get a warring message like this:

Read this carefully, It’s asking your permission for allow third party application.

“This app may post on your behalf, including videos you watched, films you watched and more.”

So, you guys give the freedom to this application to post “what ever” behalf of you. Then you will directed to that site, and what ever you click will updated to your wall/news feed. (You can’t sue; cos you agreed their terms and polices at above step)So, be careful when you click a link on fb; check before it shows “shared” by someone or someone “watched/ read an article.” ( If some one shared a youtube video it shows “shared” not watched)OK, if you already clicked? CONGRATULATIONS you have successfully infected; what ever you see/watch in internet will frequently updated to your fb wall!

So how to avoid this? Three options are available
#1 Worst choice- Delete every update
#2 Think n Do choice – Log off fb before you surf internet. (mostly impossible; my first tab is always fb)
#3 Easy n Safe choice – Uninstall third party applications from your fb account.

STEP 1: Go to your “Account Settings”
STEP 2: Click “Apps”
STEP 3: It will show all applications you have installed. Find Dailymotion/ Yahoo or any other application (You can find this by ‘watched a video on“—-“ <—here is the application name; find it)
STEP 4: Click the “X” (followed by Edit)

Congratulations; No more auto updates from these sites. But it’s better if you uninstall all of these unwanted third party applications from your fb 😉

Disclaimer # 1 get most stuff  for this post from a Tamil blog called Blog Nanban; So gotta give some credits to that guy too.
Disclaimer # 2 Try to avoid third party applications.

What else? see ya around!
– Dave