Hi guys, Almost after couple of months, But time with something new a bit illusion – Multiplicity Photographs. Not only photographs you need to do some post prosecution works; Take photographs of yourself with the help of tripod, combine altogether with a editing tool. For me, I already decided to take photographs before  take a haircut, that is enough to show some difference.
that I gotta thank  my inspiration Mr.Evan Sharbonea of Photo Extremist for his valuable tutorials about this kinda photography.

1. Face – to – face
I got this idea from a yesteryear movie poster, but not same person in that, but I pick up the idea of face-to-face!

2. On a ride
This is  my idea. I took five photos of myself, but while post production I though it’s good enough to show four characters.

3. Three wise Monkeys
Hope you guys heard about Three wise  Monkeys  ( who don’t know, don’t go for google now, it’s says “See no evil, Speak no evil & Hear no evil”, further about monkeys click here ) So this is my version of Three wise monkeys.

4. Photo Shoot I
Clearly no idea to say about this photo, just tried.

5. Photo Shoot II
Tried something funny 🙂

6. Rush hour
This one, perfect Multiplicity image among all these 6 photographs. But can you guess what these guys doing?
(Taking photograph, playing organ, SMSing, writing something, Busy with notebook- [but that other guy hide that] & listing music)

See ya around. 🙂
– Dave

P.S : Click on images to get enlarged view.

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